Our Passion

We believe that good brands make the world a better place.

Brands and businesses have the power to improve people’s lives through the products and services they offer, the work environment they provide to their staff, and the support they give their communities.

MPowered Collective (MPC) was founded by Michelle Power.

After over a decade working for some of Irelands most prestigious brands. MPC is a Marketing Consultancy Agency that works with clients to create and grow their brands. At MPC we listen to our clients, their hopes and dreams and we invest ourselves in their mission and work tirelessly to help them achieve it.

MPCs focus is on strategic planning, project management, execution and results.

We work with some of the best creatives in the market to deliver digital and traditional marketing plans for our clients. Our blend of strategy and creativity results in dynamic outcomes that assist in supporting the future growth of our clients’ businesses.

Our passion is to see your company thrive by following a Strategy that we create.


Your Project?