Content Marketing is what will set a brands digital footprint apart online. Every company should be monitoring their digital footprint and the impact their brand is having on the consumers’ lives online.

Customers are no longer content with just buying online or from a store, customers want to engage with a brand, to be part of a branded community.

Good content marketing can help your brand attract much-desired earned media. Earned Media is when your customers do the selling for you.

When customers share your blog post with a friend, pass on your email offers, tag their friends in your social media post.

These customers now become “fans”, real fans, not just a like on facebook.

In order to get to this stage, you need to create content worth sharing. Create content of value.

MPowered Collective work with brands to create content of value for their product or service. With many years’ copywriting experience Michelle and her team will work with you and your team to create a brand story worth telling. Too often brands think that no one will be interested in what they have to say. Humans are inquisitive creatures, give them stories and content worth sharing.

Content can include anything from “how to” blog posts, youtube videos, infographics on Facebook to behind the scenes images on Instagram. MPowered Collective can capture the moment and create the content.

Content marketing done well can make your brand an expert or leader online. If you as a CEO are seen to constantly produce content worth sharing the media will quickly view you and your brand as an expert in your industry. This status may result in media appearances and again some earned advertising.

So next time you make an edit to your website or Facebook page, think, is this adding value to my customer’s life?