“Who cares wins.” is a great book written by David Jones CEO of Havas Worldwide. This isn’t a book about social media and the inexorable rise of Facebook and Twitter. Nor is it a book about CSR or business doing good. Instead, it’s actually the first book that recognises that far from being two separate subjects, they are intrinsically interlinked. And that the most successful leaders and businesses in the future will be those who are the most socially responsible.

The book was written in 2011 but it still seems that some companies have yet to open their eyes to this. Many business owners, when asked about their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), will look blankly at you and then proceed to say they are not big enough for one or do not have the time. The problem is it is still seen as a “nice to do” or an “add-on”. However, statistics have shown that millennials want to buy from and work for companies with strong CSR values.

A strong CSR policy is not just good for a chosen charity partner but good for company morale. People want to go to work and feel proud of what they do, we cannot all be doctors or teachers, but we can all work for companies who give back. Studies have shown that 70% of Americans hate their job. 70%, that’s pretty sad. Image if that 70% worked for a company that each year did a staff cycle for a chosen charity. That employee would be fitter as they would have to train, staff would have a team building activity at least once a year and give back to humanity is a proven way to feel better.

Big brands like Mars, Kenco, etc. have embraced CSR and created thoroughly inspiring policies and campaigns.

Mars CSR policy

Microsoft CSR policy.

The beauty of marketing is it has the power to influence people’s mindset. Our hope at MPowered Collective is that all new start-ups would have CSR built in to their start up business plan, that all new companies will start with an aim of making the world a better place.

At MPowered Collective we can work with you to devise a CSR plan that works for you and the community your serve. An effective CSR plan should:

  1. Give back to the community.
  2. Improve workers morale.
  3. Improve the consumers view of the company/ brand.
  4. Position a brand in an effective manner vs competition.

CSR can be a win:win relationship. Who cares really can win.