Project Description

A New Mum is a new Irish owned company offering products to help moms heal from the physical side effects of child birth.

Having a baby is the most amazing time in a womans life and A New Mum want to ensure that the mother is soothing and cared for during this time.


Case Study

Marian approached MPC on recommendation from a client. She had a new company and an existing logo but knew if she wanted to take her business to the next level and launch product to market, she needed to create a brand.


Case Study

MPC took Marian’s brief and listened to her desires for A New Mum. We then worked with the super talented team at Ball&Socket to create a brand identity that would allow A New Mum to stand out on shelf and online. A brand identity that softly told the story of what this amazing new brand is trying to achieve.


Case Study

Marian has an amazing looking brand that could sit alongside any big player on the market. A brand mark and identity that helps A New Mum communicate their position as a trusted brand for new moms.

Marian is currently using her brand identity guidelines to create a website for A New Mum. At MPC we create brands that the client owns, allowing them to team up with the best suppliers for the job.

We will soon work on a launch plan for A New Mum. Watch this space.


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