Project Description

Brainchild of serial entrepreneur Geraldine Jones.

The Joneses was to be a direct to consumer and wholesale beauty brand stockists.


Case Study

Geraldine came to MPowered Collective with an idea for her business. Michelle worked with Geraldine to define her objectives and shape the business model. We also renamed the business from Geraldine Jones Ltd. to The Joneses as it was to be a B2C as well as a B2B brand.


Case Study

To sell online you need to have a brand that people can trust. No matter your business size online if you are an ecommerce you are competing alongside Amazon and Asos. Consumers know what they want and expect a seamless UX and customer experience from first click to package arrival.

For this project we teamed up with Ball&Socket to create a brand identity that would allow The Joneses to stand out online and compete along side US beauty brands.


Case Study

Geraldine Jones recently launched her own skincare range Skin Formulas and needed to focus time and resources to this new brand and her award winning clinic MEDISKIN. With this is not continuing. However, The Joneses Effect peer to peer training that MPC helped name and shape is still something Geraldine offers to clinic and salon owners in Ireland.

This project gave us a great insight into the health and beauty market. A space we look forward to working in more and more. We continue to work with Geraldine and her team across her other brands and most recently wrote entry forms for MEDISKIN to enter local and National awards.


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