Internal engagement:
At MPC we believe that the gap between large brands and small to medium brands success is not just in their advertising spend. Large brands invest in their people and invest in educating their staff on their brand ethos, their company values and their vision for the future. If you and your team are all working towards the same goal you cannot but achieve it. We work with business owners and staff to implement small internal changes and brand communications to solidify a brand vision.

Offline marketing:
At MPC we know that “digital marketing” has become the buzzword for communications, and we love it, we are digital nerds. However, traditional marketing is not going anywhere. Our team work with brands to create a calendar of events and activities that will be carried out both online and offline. Our team will work with you to deliver this plan and measure each activity.

Pitch writing, PR and advice:
Winning awards, getting featured in media, getting funding, etc. is a massive part of succeeding in business and creating the business and image you want. At MPC we work with many of our clients to help them to correctly pitch to Government Organisation, Funding Groups, Media, etc. Like anything in Marketing the key is knowing your audience and what they are looking for. For example, yes, you can tell them how great your product is but if their objective is job creation you need to show how your brand is contributing.