Digital Marketing Strategies:

We work with our clients to develop powerful social media strategies with calendars for their brands. Digital Marketing is such an underused tool for your business. Digital Marketing is your chance to level the playing field. You do not need massive budgets to reach and engage with an audience online, you just need to plan and spend wisely.

Content creation:

Consumers engage with social media accounts that add value to their lives. Accounts can be funny, informative, heart-warming or inspirational. At MPC we create relevant content for your community. Content that not only helps to sell your product or service but creates a brand image and a digital footprint our clients are proud of.

Brand Management:

MPC also have the capabilities to manage your website and social media accounts for your brand. We will create and post content and send reports on engagement and growth. We work collaboratively with our clients to do this, keeping them updated as needed and ensuring the most up to date brand story is being told.

ROI (return on investment) and Analytics:

We all know the saying “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” Well at MPC we don’t believe this to be true. Properly executed marketing plans can be measured. With each marketing plan, we devise we create a matching marketing calendar tracking our tactics used, spend and our ROI. We work with the client to tweak and pivot spend as needed to better capitalise on opportunities.