At MPowered Collective we believe “brand” is the difference between success and failure in business. You can make the best product in the world but if your consumer cannot find you or is not engaged when they do, you will fail. At MPowered Collective our job is to ensure you are found and when you are found ensure you are loved. We build communities.

Brand Audit:

We begin by looking at your current brand or brand vision. This process involves a face to face meeting with MPC to really chat through your vision for the future and where you need help. We have a list of questions that our team ask about your brand and your business to help us get a deeper understanding. If necessary we will interview your staff at this time also.

Competitor Analysis:

This stage for us involves looking at your competitors online and offline, indirect and direct and really understanding what other brands are pulling your customers’ attention away from your brand. We will look at what they do well, what you do better and create a SWOT analysis for your brand. Always an interesting process as we may unearth companies you did not even view as competition in your space.

Customer identification:

As much as you may want to, you cannot sell your product or service to everyone. Successful businesses know who their customers are and target them accordingly. We will work with you to identify your most valuable customer and customer groups. Having clear customer profiles will help you in every aspect of your business. In R&D you will know who you are creating for, in marketing, you will know how to speak to the consumer and in sales, you will know the budget and where they are shopping.
Helping you to really get to know your customer and know how to speak to them is one of the most valuable assets we offer.

Brand development/ creation:

At MPC we work with startups to create the best brand look and feel for their new product or service. Though our brand audit steps above we clearly identify the correct look and feel for a new brand and then work with the best creatives for the job. We work with some of Irelands most talented Graphic Designers, Web Developers and Printers to bring your brand to life.

We also work with established brands to define your brand identity. Maybe you have a great logo and strong brand colours but your social media content and imagery is lost. We work with brands to create a full brand identity playbook, a book you and your staff can go back to as needed ensure your company is telling a consistent story to the consumer. Nobody likes a Jekyll and Hyde brand.

Creating a tone of voice:

Managing your social media accounts can be difficult, it is hard to know what to say and how to say it. At MPowered Collective we work with our clients to create the critical tone of voice. It is important when trying to grow strong communities online that you are creating content and speaking to your audience in a way that appeals to them.